Random Questionnaire, First in a series

  1. If you were a tree, how hard would you photosynthesize?
  2. There are two trains leaving Chicago; one is traveling at an average speed of 65 MPH, the other is traveling at an average speed of 45 MPH.
    1. On one of these trains is a young child who is taking his first trip out of the city, going to a rural farm to spend the summer with his cousins. He will adopt a small puppy, and beg to bring it back with him to the city, but his parents will refuse. He will eventually forgive them, but he will remember that puppy for the rest of his days. Name the puppy.
    2. On the other, is a beautiful woman in a red dress, her long brunette hair falling gently over her face and covering one eye. She adjusts the hem of her dress to demurely cover her knees, then glances pensively out the window at the passing scenery. A short man in a dark double-breasted suit will watch her from behind a newspaper for the entire trip. What is the headline on the newspaper? Bonus question: How does the man know the woman?

  3. Considering the lyrics: “She packed my bags last night pre-flight. Zero hour nine a.m. And i’m gonna be high as a kite by then. I miss the earth so much i miss my wife. It’s lonely out in space. On such a timeless flight.” – What did he have for lunch that day?
  4. Finally, for extra credit: In 25 words or less, practice war no more.