Behind but still here

I haven’t watched any TV this week. Of course, it’s only Wednesday. And I haven’t blogged, either. I am so behind on the internets; I feel out of touch.

Are pictures of cats with captions in little-kid-speak still funny?

Are Hollywood starlets still showing off their panties and boobies while climbing in and out of cars?

Are people still downloading all the free illegal music that’s out there? Are there still middlemen who have managed to insert themselves between the artists and the fans still complaining and using the legal system to extort both ends of the creative chain, too?

Are people still arguing about politics? Religion? Star Trek vs. Star Wars? Good, good. Good to hear.

Are people still booking their own flights to far away destinations like Hawaii, London, Bakersfield?

Are the poor saps who have legitimately figured out how to enlarge penises and boobies still completely unable to get their message out via HTML-based poorly-formatted email? Man, those guys have it rough. They’re right up there with the folk who want us all to love (their) God or country or armed forces and have only the email system and every email address in their contact list to do it with.

In fact, I’m so out of it, I can’t even think up any more internet memes right now. I think I’ll go tweet that.