I’m back from my mini-vacation. Just sayin’.

I’ll be back to posting at least once a day Monday through Friday, with optional posts on the weekends, I promise, at least until I stop doing that.

Even though my surfing levels were greatly depreciated over my vacation, I did still notice some bits of this and that on the internets. Here’s a few to help kick-start this sunny, warm, spring Portland morning1.

  • I’ve had, in draft form, a five-part series on “what constitutes evidence of God?” for months now. I may dust it off and finish writing it someday, but in the meantime, Deacon Duncan is starting a series on the similar topic of examining the positive evidence against God. Should be fascinating.
  • Via Kottke comes an article from The New Scientist that examines 13 scientific anomalies, which are fascinating. Please note, though, that none of the 13 things on this list are evidence of the supernatural – mainly because, when we find out what’s going on in each case, we will be using rational thinking, logic, and the scientific process to find out, and almost certainly each answer will be natural, not supernatural.
  • I’m continuing to use twitter (as “lunarobverse”, and, at least for the past day, Nambu, while still in beta, is performing really well and not being crash-y and giving me the ability to collect my follows into smaller groups. Kinda awesome.
  • I love Penelope Trunk and the fact that she says stuff that people think but rarely say in person, like how she thinks of dating as a way to improve her online brand and how that’s not different from what some women have done throughout history.
  • Political activists The Yes Men are saving the world again.
  • President Obama addresses the grave dangers of Wild Things, and Where They Are:

1 Your morning may vary.