Lindsey and I had dinner at the Iron Horse Friday night with Hollie and Jeff. Hollie is Lindsey’s and my mutual friend; Jeff is Hollie’s boyfriend.

It was fun, especially because Hollie wasn’t entirely sure what Lindsey’s and my status is: friends, dating, what? She was surprised and happy for both of us when we confirmed that we are dating and “a couple”.

I will have much more to say about Lindsey in the future, but for now, it is sufficient to say that I am very happy that she and I met. Very happy.

Hollie was the spark that led to Lindsey and I meeting; she saw us spending a lot of time talking back and forth on Twitter and basically told us to get a room.

In another sense, it was Twitter that brought us to together, which makes us the first Twitter couple that we’re aware of. Hollie was impressed with that, too, Friday night at dinner.

But the highlight of the night for me was when we each took turns wearing the sombrero.

Hollie noticed the sombrero sitting in a corner. I mentioned always wanting to bring one back from Mexico but never having enough room. I forget who mentioned going to get it and wearing it but when Lindsey and Hollie wondered if Jeff or I would go get it, I replied “Oh, I’d just ask our waiter to bring it over.”

When Richard, our waiter, came over later to ask if he could bring us anything else, Hollie asked about the sombrero and at the same time I said, “Yes! Can you bring us the sombrero, please?”

Richard was confused for a moment until we pointed it out, on a shelf in the corner. He brought it over, and showed it to us. “I have been photographed wearing this while naked.” Suddenly I was a bit unsure about wearing it myself, but, hey, it was on his head, not… anywhere else.

It went first on Hollie’s head, and out came the camera phones. It went around the table, each of us mugging and taking pictures in turn.

Yes, there are pictures. No, you can’t see them.

OK, just mine: