Poster boy

The “poster frame” of a video is the picture you see when the video hasn’t been played yet. It’s what you see when it’s not moving or playing. Sometimes it’s the first frame of the movie; sometimes it’s an image specifically chosen to represent the entire video.

If you go to KGW’s The Square page today before around 7:00 PM, the video embedded on the page has a most peculiar poster frame.

Yeah. It’s me!

Very fun to see my own face on TV last night. About 2.3 seconds after that segment aired, my dad called, laughing and asking me if I’d seen it. My dad normally watches MSNBC but had seen my earlier post and tuned in.

I had, in fact, watched the show last night to see how my quote turned out. I didn’t realize my voice sounded like that, but Steph assures me that I sounded great.

I’d love to embed the video here for all eternity but KGW (or more accurately, Belo, their corporate overlords) apparently do not allow such Web 2.0 shenanigans so here is a link to last night’s show (sorry there’s an ad before it).