Who says Twitter is useless?

After grabbing a bite to eat for lunch, I wandered over to Pioneer Courthouse Square, a.k.a., Portland’s living room, to grab some free cake. The Square is celebrating 25 years of existence today, but since brick public spaces don’t eat cake, there was plenty for everyone else.

Several people from Twitter said they were going to be there, so after posting a picture of my free cake (I got a corner piece! Score!), I wandered around looking for other Twitter-enabled folk.

And, of course, the Queen of Portland Twitter, Steph Stricklen, was there, so I stopped to say hi. We’d met last month, in person, anyway; we also know each other from Twitter. Steph is a force to be reckoned with, someone who has fallen in love with the connections that using Twitter can bring, and someone who treats everyone she meets as a long-lost friend. Which is nice!

But then she had her cameraman (whose name I did not get! I’m embarrassed) turn the lens on me for a question: what’s my favorite thing about the Square? That was her question for today’s Live @ 7 show. That’s less nice! I hadn’t shaved today and probably still had cake frosting on my face and my allergies are bugging me… All those thoughts went through my head while I thought up an answer.

I like peoplewatching at the Square, so my answer reflected that. I love seeing all the different kinds of people – people in business suits, punk rockers, everyday casual Portlanders, the evangelical Christians, the hacky-sack players… all of ’em, in one place, day in and day out.

Twitter has now gotten me an inside look at a TV station, an amazing new friend, and free cake. Which makes Twitter the best thing ever.