Monday morning short links

A bunch of stuff too short for their own post.

  • Mississippi Pizza, in North Portland, is pretty awesome, though a bit crowded early on a Saturday night. One of the cashiers was Jacob, who used to work at Taco del Mar. Also, they had gluten-free pizza and beer; my friend liked the pizza crust, but the guy sitting next to us who had some kind of foot scar said the beer was just so-so. Also, belly dancers!
  • Why is it that the financial CEOs whose bad management have led this country (and the world) to economic disaster can have a nice sit-down and photo-op with President Obama, but the CEO of General Motors is forced to step down by that same White House? What’s the difference here?
    Update – 12:25pm: OK, I stand corrected. Via Jed @ dKos, a pair of articles from September 2008 showing that the head of AIG, and the heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both stepped down upon receiving taxpayer assistance.
  • The Da Vinci exhibit at OMSI is pretty interesting and chock-full of details about the genius’ life and work. I though the bait-and-switch of presenting a Da Vinci-esque wooden bicycle, which turns out upon close reading of the included materials seems to be a hoax, was more funny than annoying.
  • Ran my fastest 4 miles of the year on Sunday morning. Which isn’t all that fast, but, y’know… still. 7 miles in 1:15:37 for an average 10:48 pace. Stopped at least twice for water from the fountain, and at least once for traffic, and a couple of walking breaks.

I thought I had more than that. I’ll post more later if I think of it. Happy Monday!