My letter to President Obama regarding Geithner and Summers Economic Plan

Yes, please do let the financial executives keep their bonuses, and let the banks and financial institutions assume all of the upside and let the taxpayers take all of the risks. Make sure that the banks have lots and lots of money that they can charge we, the people, exorbitant interest rates on for the basic housing, transportation, and medical care that we require, so that those who abused the lack of regulation to get rich can remain rich.

Yes. That’s an excellent plan for restoring the balance of the economy. Keep on explaining it to us poor middle- and lower-class people. I’m sure that the plan that Geithner and Summers keep floating, and that respected economists like Paul Krugman keep shooting down, will work like a charm! Money and riches await – for those who are already rich.

Yes, please, this economic plan is awesome. Obviously Wall Street likes it – the market keeps going up, up, up, as the banks and financial institutions realize they are not going to face any consequences for their disastrous decisions.

Keep pursuing that wonderful, wonderful plan. I’m sure that it will all work out for you, and the people to whom you promised change and hope, in the end.