Real gentlemanly

Tracy, Ken and I had just finished lunch at Taco del Mar, and were gathering the energy to head back to work for the last half of a sunny Friday.

I stood near the door, drink in hand, while Tracy went to the fountain to get a refill and Ken dumped our garbage into the tray. Shortly, he joined me and we made small talk. Near the door.

Three beautiful women walked up to the door, bags of to-go food and drinks in their hands. They shuffled items around to have and empty hand, pulled open the door, and then turned around to help the one behind them keep the door from swinging shut on them. As graceful as these women probably were, normally… it looked clumsy and awkward.

At no time did Ken or I pause in our conversation as we stood there, chatting back and forth, both of us watching mesmerized just one step away as these three women navigated the door with their hands full of food.

When Tracy returned, I snapped out of my trance long enough to play back what had just happened.

At no time… did Ken or I… pause… to help them.

At no time.