RSS stands for “frustration”

Somehow, Blogger broke RSS feeds on Friday or late Thursday. I don’t know what happened on their end, but the XML files that get pushed out to Blogger users’ sites that rely on FTP/SFTP publishing are zero-byte (or empty) files.

And that’s not right. Not at all.

If you search the “Something is Broken” group for Blogger help for the terms “RSS” or “feed” you get lots and lots of separate threads, and all the users reporting basically the same thing I summarized above. I settled on updating this thread with my own specific information, and watched it all day yesterday for some kind of official Blogger response. None came.

However, the user “nitecruzer”, a.k.a. Chuck, proposed a workaround. He found out a different address for the RSS feeds for a Blogger-published site and, armed with the internal blog ID # for my blog, I was able to access the RSS feed for my site and redirect it to/through Feedburner.

Long story short: my RSS feed has changed. I don’t really know how to let people who read my site via the old feed know this, however. But if you wander over here because you haven’t seen me update in a while, please take a moment to update your feed reader by using the following link:

Main site feed for Lunar Obverse

You can also use the link in the right-hand sidebar, labeled “Subscribe”. If, however, you see “Feeds”, then frakkin’ Blogger hasn’t updated my site template yet. I made the change an hour ago, and republished my site, but it still hasn’t shown up for me. I have no idea why. If you see “Feeds” over there, could you let me know?