My most popular status

On Friday, I had a stoopid headache that may or may not have been a migraine. It was painful, and I felt like throwing up, and I was light sensitive. Also grumpy; I chose not to inflict my presence on my friends for the normal Friday night Battlestar Galactica showing at the Bagdad.

But some say that since I was still conscious and was able to watch TV (albeit in the dark, curled up on the couch like I was re-inventing the fetal position), that it was not an actual migraine.

So I updated my status on Facebook (and MySpace, too, but as you’ll see, all the fun was over on Facebook) to read:

“Brian is starting his weekend with a migraine.”

This turned out to be the most popular status update I’ve even posted. I got seven responses to it from six different friends. I got expressions of sympathy (“Your pain. I feels it.”), denial (“It’s not a migraine. It’s all in your head!”), enthusiasm (“Fantastic! You know how to par-tay!”)

All of which were more than welcome. Still, I have to give the random award of Best Response to a Complaint of Pain to Nicole’s “Maybe it’s a tumor…”

I’m here to tell all y’all… It’s not a tumor!

Hope you all had a great weekend!