Twelve hours of sleep

Sorry I don’t have a real post for you this morning. I’ve been sleeping.

Got home last night from work, and was immediately tired. Well, I’d been tired all day, and had a bit of a headache. I barely had any energy but forced myself to get a load of laundry done (a bunch of black t-shirts, actually) then crashed on the couch and watched a little bit of recorded TV (last week’s Clone Wars) and then… drifted into bed.

Where I slept for twelve hours.

Had a dream about shopping for a VW Jetta that I was sure I couldn’t afford. Had another dream about moving into a new house that I, also, couldn’t afford. I think those dreams stemmed from the conversation at lunch about the economic crisis our country, and the world, is going through.

But beyond my vague remembrances of dreams, being in bed was a half-day of oblivion.

Now I’m over-tired and stiff, muscles sore, and a bit sweaty (I didn’t turn down the heat before sleep so it’s too warm in here).

And now, I’m off to work.