What we see when we look

In the earliest moments of Valentine’s Day 2009, I was sitting with a bunch of friends, including Tracy, in the Acropolis strip club, shouting at a friend of the DJ over his cell phone to some guy at home alone.

Tracy and Gina liked the girls at the Acropolis better than the ones we had seen a couple of weeks earlier at Devil’s Point. The dancers at DP are Goth-y, tatted, jet-black hair and lots of eyeliner kinds of girls. The dancers at the Acropolis span a much wider range: from tall blonde Barbie types to buxom Bettie Page types to young-seeming naughty schoolgirls to my favorite dancer of all, S., who is a slender sun-worshiping brunette who cracks wise and has a great laugh.

Tracy summed it up thusly: “The girls here look like what we wish we looked like.”

I hadn’t thought of that…