You can thank me later

I just had a brilliant idea, and to show some faith in my fellow human beings, I am going to give it away for free on the internet.

All I ask in return if someone takes this and make some money on it is that they tell me about it over dinner someday.

Want to know what the idea is? As I was just sorting my laundry, I thought about how annoying it is that I have to sort socks and match them up.

As I clipped together my running gloves using the built-in hook, prior to tossing it in the washer with the rest of my running clothes, I admired how easy that was compared to socks.

Now, having a clip on your socks wouldn’t normally be advisable.

But what about velcro? A little strip of velcro, one fuzzy side on one sock, one hook side on the other, just enough to keep each one attached to its mate through washing and drying.

Brilliant! All socks should have such a feature. I would convert all my socks if these were available.

Now someone needs to make it happen. Can it happen before my next load of laundry? No?! Why not?