Did you see..?

As I surf the internets, I find things. Things like these. Did you see them, too?

  • New York “things” made from Legos. h/t to Kottke
  • Who would have guessed that my new favorite blog would be written by a Tri-Met bus driver?
  • Congratulations to Eric Holder who was confirmed by the Senate yesterday to head up the Department of Justice! Maybe this time around we can have an Attorney General who will act as the people’s lawyer as opposed to the President’s cover-up-er in chief. Or at least not demand to be called “General” like Ashcroft apparently did.
  • If you’ve ever wanted a computer font of your own handwriting, YourFonts will do it for free.
  • Yesterday was the birthday of the income tax in the US. Happy birthday! Now pay up!
  • Dude! Martha Washington was hot!
  • Scalzi has a surprisingly sympathetic view of the man who gives trained monkeys a bad name, (Not) Joe the (Not) Plumber:

    This is not to disparage Mr. Wurzelbacher, incidentally, and if you are of a mind to, here’s a quiz for you:

    Hey, you’re a bald, chunky, blue-collar nobody from a crappy little midwest town! By chance, you find yourself thrust into the national spotlight and have a chance to do something more interesting with your life than sit in your crappy little midwest town and get balder and chunkier. Do you:

    a) Say, “no thanks, I’d rather stay a nobody”;

    b) Do all the wacky crap everybody asks you to do for as long as you possibly can, because in your heart you know it will never ever get any better than this for you for as long as you might possibly live.

    Take your time on that one, people.

    So, no: I don’t blame Joe the Plumber one bit for taking up the invitation to talk strategy with the GOP, or fly to the mideast, or any other thing he might be offered to do that sounds interesting to him. Dude’s living the dream, man. As long as they keep letting him, why shouldn’t he. I support Wurzelbacher milking this thing. Good for him. I hope he’s having fun. I suspect he is.

  • I’m pretty sure that this isn’t what Mercy Corps actually does. But Elizabeth Banks is hot, right?