Why am I still waiting?

Feel free to follow along with me.

I’ve got a first-generation, 2G iPhone. 8GB of storage. It’s still in pretty good shape; a little dent on the back, but the screen is pristine, since it’s been covered with a protector for all but about 2 minutes of the 14 months I’ve owned it.

Since I’m getting a small refund from the Feds on my taxes this year, I started thinking about upgrading to the 3G iPhone, which is $199 for the same storage space I have now, or $299 for double the storage space. Also, they come in sexy, sexy black.

But what could I get for selling my old iPhone? My usual way to determine such things is to hit eBay, do a search for completed listings for stuff in the same general condition as the thing I’m selling. That gives me an idea what people will pay.

Color me surprised to find sold iPhones, just like mine, still selling for up to $400+!

Tossing out the broken ones, and the ones that sold for $1000 or more (I smell a scam there), the mid-range is still $250-$300. That’s… that’s just nuts.

Is it because 2G iPhones can be jailbroken and unlocked to work with other carriers? That’s the main reason I can see for the used selling price for the first generation to remain so high.

Which means I might be able to upgrade to the newer iPhone and gain money.

Of course, since the monthly data plan for iPhone 3G is higher ($30/month for 3G vs. $20/month for EDGE; and texting isn’t included, so that’s another $20/month – I text a lot and need unlimited), that money would go towards paying the extra monthly fees.

Even so… daaaaamn. So tempting.