Movies of 2008

The following are all the movies I saw in the theater in 2008. It includes some second-run flicks because, for a while, I was attending the Independent Film Revival group’s Monday movies.

I didn’t think to keep track of any movies I saw on DVD or online or at friend’s houses. Maybe I’ll do that next year.

Each movie is linked to it’s IMDB listing, and after each movie is a link to my post about it, if available; the link indicates how many stars I give it, on the standard 5 star scale.

This is 50 movies, and two of them I saw more than once (“Iron Man” three times and “Quantum of Solace” twice). That makes 53 trips to the theater, or just over one per week. Man, I really love movies.

Now I’m going to hit “publish post” before I re-think my star ratings. Feel free to disagree with me. By the time anyone comments, I’ll probably have changed my mind several times.