One day left

Only one day left in 2008. Less than one day, actually – just over 17 hours, as I type this.

I’ll have a post in the next day or two about all the movies I’ve seen this year. I’m still pulling it together.

I have also been working on a long post (that keeps getting longer) about what “evidence of god” would look like. I think anyone who reads my blog will understand why that particular post just won’t seem to stop.

But I haven’t had any shorter ideas for posts lately. I really liked the birthday series because I wrote those up in advance, all in one go, and didn’t have to worry about posting on a daily basis for a week and a half. I think I’ll do more of that in the future – picking a topic and writing a series of articles on it.

2008 was, in some private ways, a very stressful year for me. But it had many positives, too. Maybe before the end of the day I’ll have a recap of some of the positives.

Or maybe not.

Happy New Year’s Eve!