“The Spirit”

So I did it. I gave in and saw Frank Miller’s “The Spirit”.

The dialogue was atrocious, awkward and did little to set up, or even explain, let alone advance, the plot.

The visual style was overdone.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Octopus was horrible.

Gabriel Macht’s The Spirit/Denny Colt was boring.

Not nearly enough of Scarlett Johanssen’s cleavage. She does give very arch line readings, though.

The other women were OK, here and there, hit and miss. But the unexplained lust the women had for The Spirit just came off as bad as porn movie writing.

However! Eva Mendes’ ass was, all by herself, worth the price of admission and justified the entire movie. Seriously. Magnificent. Whether it was clothed or (for a few glorious seconds) naked, seriously, that woman’s hindquarters are worthy of being considered high art. Words fail. No, really. Just… whoa.

I’m responding on a primitive, pre-language level here (which doesn’t work so well with blogging, but, evs). Eva…