Forty-four minus four

In four days I celebrate the forty-fourth anniversary of my birth.

Counting down to that day, I am posting birthday memories.

Two years ago – holy crab, was it only two years ago? – I spent Christmas in New York City. It was a great trip, and I posted about it several times.

The trip included my birthday, as my family’s Christmas trips often do. The morning of my birthday, I woke up to breakfast, cooked by my sister’s mother-in-law (she cooked pretty much every morning); bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs and coffee. Yum.

I spent the day wandering around the little town of Glen Head, taking pictures and getting out of the house.

And that evening, we all went out to dinner. The first choice of restaurant, picked by our host, David, was too busy, so we went across the street to a nice Italian place, where I gorged myself on delicious pasta, and shared another meal with my family.

I did a Google search for Italian restaurants in Glen Head to try to find the name of the restaurant we ate at, but I couldn’t find it. It’s lost to me now.

It doesn’t really matter, because it’s still in my memory – delicious food, excellent company. What more could one ask for on a birthday?