Snow report

We now take a break from relentless birthday-counting-down for a snow report.

My employer, Multnomah County, has declared a state of emergency, to last through 5 January 2009. Kinda freaky to think that the Emergency Operations Center, which is right next door to my office, will finally have an actual emergency to deal with, rather than the many, many drills they’ve been doing since, well, since they opened a year ago.

I just got back from a walk. I walked up to the grocery store, but on the way, I saw that my regular haunt, The Limelight, was open, so I dropped in for a hot drink and dinner.

As others have said, it’s not that bad once you’re out there. My trail shoes, normally for running, work really well in the snow to keep my footing and keep my feet dry. They would be better if they were trail boots, though.

I’m pretty sure I could go for a run in this, though, as long as it’s not freezing rain. I should have run today, instead of surfed and ate. Oh, well.

Saw lots of folk on skis, and several people pulling their groceries home behind them on a sled. Smart people.

OK, if we don’t talk about it anymore, maybe it’ll go away. But not all at once – will there be floods if this all melts at once?