From a couple of months ago, comes the following post. Started, and not finished.

A cold, rainy day, and a long work week, and being low on money, and not exercising, and feeling alone.

I needed… comfort food.

Yeah, I sought to fill the hole created by things both in my power to change and things outside my ability to change… with food.

I’d hoped to, at least, choose wisely, something low calorie. I just didn’t want to have a simple sandwich at home.

So I went to the Limelight.

My favorite waitress waved when I walked in. She came over, and sat with me and chatted a bit. She was tired, she said. “I’ve been out late every night this week.” She had started school just weeks before, but instead had been drinking and not sleeping.

It felt like there was more she wanted to say… but for whatever reason, didn’t say it. She took my order (Sante Fe chicken sandwich with spicy sauce, jack cheese and grilled jalepeños and the soup of the day)