Phone call

2 December 2006

My phone rings. I pick up.

“Hi, Dad.”

“Oh, hi, son. Listen, two things. First, are you going to Max’s birthday thing tomorrow?”

“Yeah, at some point.”

“Oh, OK, good. Second, are you going to New York for Christmas?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What airline are you flying?”


“Oh, great. Do you mind if I ask you what kind of deal you got?”

“I had enough frequent flyer miles to cover a round-trip ticket. I had to use a lot, because of when I was going, but I still have a bunch left over.”

“Oh, nice. When are you going?”

“I fly out the 22nd, and I’m coming back on New Year’s Day.”

“Oh, so you’ll be there for your birthday?”

“Yeah. Are you going to go?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it. Since everyone’s going to be there, I’ve been trying to find a deal. It’s hard because of all the black-out days.”

“Right. That’s why I had to use so many frequent-flyer miles. Forty thousand.”


“Yeah, but it’s all covered., so that’s nice.”



“Well, I was thinking. Since everyone’s going to be there, you know, I was just thinking that it might be nice to come out for just a few days, maybe, and get a car… and drive down to [my hometown], in Jersey. The old homestead is still there, I can see it in Google Earth.”

“Wow. I’d… love that, dad.”



“Well, don’t tell anyone. Don’t tell your sister about it. I’m trying to work out a deal.”


“Carol is running hot and cold on the idea, but maybe if I can get a deal…”

“Right, dad.”

“OK. See you tomorrow, son.”

“Bye, dad.”