So, there is no God.

All we have are stories that people tell about God, and feelings that people have about God.

If there’s any evidence other than that, it has not surfaced. In thousands of years. Over and over, all we have are stories about God, and feelings about God, told and talked about by men and women.

Since I’m well aware that stories and feelings can often be false or misleading, I don’t put much trust in stories and feelings. Sorry about that. I’m sure others’ stories and feelings are very important to them, and I know that we all make decisions based on our own stories and feelings, but can we at least try to take advantage of the toolbox that helps us sort out the stories and feelings that are false from the stories and feelings that are true?

And by “true” I mean something very simple: they are consistent with the world we see around us. The actual world, not the fantasy world of stories told by Bronze Age men. And by “true” I also mean that they conform with all of the evidence we’ve seen of the past, and by “true” I also mean they help us make predictions for the future.

The stories and feelings I’ve heard about God do not fit this definition of “true”. Again, if I’m wrong, I’d be glad to hear it. But I do not apologize for my insistence on a reality-based worldview.