I’m a helper

Is it bad that one of the reasons I suggested the theater I did to see “Quantum of Solace” in, was that their DLP projection screens would give me the best possible picture and sound for the Star Trek reboot trailer?

I mean, the theater was also convenient for Tracy and Kevin, too. And with the Bond flick playing on multiple screens, it gave us plenty of showtimes to choose from, making it a very flexible choice.

(The Trek trailer looks awesome, by the way, even with all the continuity errors. Spotting the continuity errors is almost a game in itself.)

“Quantum of Solace” continues the tradition of Bond action. Literally had us all on the edge of our seats several times. And there’s an actual story in there, with lots of intrigue and double-crosses and triple-crosses. But it feels like the middle third of a trilogy. It really depended on the viewer having knowledge of the prior flick. Not a bad thing for me and Kevin, being Bond fans from way back, but Tracy said she enjoyed it for the action and didn’t worry too much about the story.