Creative Week Movie Inspiration [B5 – 27 February 2006]

For the 30 days following this blog’s five-year anniversary, I am reposting some favorite, popular, or unique posts. Feel free to contact me to suggest some of your favorites. If you’d like to comment, click through to the original post.

By February 2006, I was stuck in a rut as far as blog posts went. I was mainly blogging about my running and diet. Big whoop. I mean, it was important for me to keep track of my exercise, and keeping a journal, online or whatever, was part of the process that kept me going and kept me honest. But it wasn’t exactly electrifying reading.

And then, one rainy night, walking in my neighborhood, I ran across something new, and it sparked a little experiment that I called “Creative Week”.

But first, I blogged the inspiration. Enjoy!

Last night, after being out all day, I got home to discover that Smacky was out of food. He was visibly agitated about it. I decided to walk up to the grocery store to replenish his supply.

It was raining a little bit, but I didn’t mind. Was bundled up warm.

When I got to SE Milwaukie and Bybee, there were trailers parked all down Milwaukie Ave., and tents and people with walkie-talkies and headsets. As I got closer, I saw little “No Parking” signs that indicated the reason for all this activity.

They were filming… something.

Since I had to go past it all to get to the store, I poked around. For a moment I thought they were filming in the Moreland Theater. But when I looked in the Limelight Restaurant next door, I saw a whole crowd of people, in chairs and standing up, all staring at a bunch of monitors, and at the bar next door was a yellow sign saying “Bar Closed – just for today”. Looks like the bar was the set.

The parking lot of the Wells Fargo bank next door was packed with more trailers and tents, and one tent was marked “Extras”. In the street was a little sign:

Sorry for the blurry pic. Camera phone.

I walked on up to my grocery store, bought a bag of cat food (almost NINE BUCKS for a 5 lb. bag! That seems expensive, but then, I guess that bag will last me a couple of months. I wish I could eat for that cheap. Except delicious food, not cat food). I asked the checker if she knew what was going on down the street. She shrugged. “I don’t know… I heard, it was just a rumor, but I heard that Rebecca De Mornay was involved somehow.”

“Really? That’s cool!” I said.

She shrugged again. “It’s just a rumor.”

On my way out, I saw another grocery girl. “Do you know what movie is being filmed down there?”

Fumbling with a cigarrette, she shrugged. “I heard…” – she looked around as if someone might be listening in – “The Rock.”

“The rock?”

“You know…” she said. “The Rock?” She was a tiny girl, shorter than me, but she indicated a giant of a man with her hands, smoke trailing from her now-lit cigarrette.

“Right. The wrestler. I gotcha.” I headed back into the rain.

As I neared the bar set again, I spotted a guy hauling a box of stuff towards the base camp. “Hey,” I stopped him, “What’s going on?”

“It’s a movie” he said, with a smile.

“Right. I kinda got that,” I said. He was walking away. The box didn’t look heavy but it did look bulky. “What’s the movie?”

He turned around part way and spoke over his shoulder. “It’s called ‘The Music Within’. Go take a look. The set is just down there. It’s kinda cool.” He pointed down the street with his chin.

‘Kinda cool’? He didn’t sound like he worked with them… sounded like a fellow sightseer like me.

I looked around again, and made eye contact with the folks guarding the doors at the Limelight. I got nods of recognition in return, and smiles, but couldn’t bring myself to talk to them again. They seemed so… busy.

After I passed all the activity, I called Tracy. After filling her in on the movie being filmed in my neighborhood, I asked her to look it up on IMDB to see who might be in it.

She found it listed, but didn’t recognize the one star listed. A bit more googling but she couldn’t find much more info on it.

But, you know… I had a cat to feed.