Aw, Hell No!

There’s a “bug” that affects some people when using Firefox: sometimes, videos will load, but not play past the first few seconds. It’s quite annoying.

It’s annoying to me, anyway, because it happens to my friends all the time, but it doesn’t happen to me. So I have to hear them complain about the video links I send them all the time.

I assumed it was because I have the latest, greatest beta version of Firefox and they don’t. Or I was gifted and lucky. I don’t know. Somethin’.

But today, I was over at the best snarky movie review site in the world, and I wanted to watch this trailer (it’s a “red band” trailer and NSFW):

… and I finally was bit by this bug. It wouldn’t play. I had to restart Firefox and do some fucking troubleshooting, which really annoys me, too.

Tracy has no sympathy for me. But, man. What a pain in the ass.

I can’t live like this. What’s the internet without YouTube What if it happens again?