Webservers are hard

If you’ve noticed any weirdness in the last couple of hours with this site, it’s because I’ve been messing around with Apache, trying to consolidate my other sites, like Run, Moon! and my home server, Lunar Obverse, Home Edition, to this server.

It’s something I don’t do very often, so I have to screw it up a couple of times before I remember how to do it right. So it’s never smooth. I’m documenting the steps this time, though, so the next time I have to do it, it should be much smoother.

Why am I doing it? Well, since I’m going to get new carpeting put in my apartment on Monday (starting on Monday – I hope but do not entirely expect for it to take only one day), I have to shut down my home computer, which previously served those secondary sites.

All this is simply to explain the weirdness. If anyone out there noticed, that is. It should all be working as expected now, though. If not, feel free to contact me or leave a comment here.