Laissez les bons temps roulez! [B5 – 8 November 2006]

For the 30 days following this blog’s five-year anniversary, I am reposting some favorite, popular, or unique posts. Feel free to contact me to suggest some of your favorites. If you’d like to comment, click through to the original post.

Helping the Democrats take control of both houses of Congress, with all the hope in having someone finally oppose the toxic Bush Administration, felt very good. And one of the early victories of that effort was seeing Donald Rumsfeld step down as the Secretary of Defense. Buh-bye.

Bye, Rumsfeld!

The Donald becomes the first recipient of Lunar Obverse’s “Yellow Undies” award. I hope (oh, how I hope!) that there will be many, many more.

Don’t let an IED hit your ass on the way out!

And, sadly, Bush had to reverse himself, after defending Rumsfeld time and again. But when the Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Times and Air Force Times newspapers all join in calling for the Defense Secretary’s resignation, truly… it’s time to go.

Wait, did I say “sadly”? Sorry, it’s hard to read what I’m saying while I’m wearing this huge grin on my face.

I hope our president likes the taste of crow…

Good news comes in threes, they say. But I’ve lost count of all the good news for our country that I’ve heard in the last 24 hours. Still, if there’s more to come, I’m so ready for it.

Truly, this is the best day of my political life.