Happy Five Year Blogiversary

Five years ago today, I started a blog.

1,944 posts later, here I am.

I don’t really know what to do to celebrate this event, other than to thank anyone who continues reading, and anyone who has read me in the past, and everyone who will read me in the future.

Sometimes I’ve got too much to say, and sometimes I can’t think of anything to say. All I really know is that I’m going to keep on saying things as long as I can, and I’m thankful to the internet for providing me a place to say them.

My daily visits have ranged from almost 500 a day, to around 175 per day in the last couple of months – likely due to my not having had much interesting to say lately. But I’m not doing this for fame. I’m writing for myself, and every single reader who finds something interesting here is a gift above and beyond.

The more successful blogs tend to have a focus on one topic; I don’t think I could ever limit myself like that. But there are several topics that tend to stand out more than the others; strip clubs and movies are the only ones I have tagged right now, but I intend to go back and tag the other topics soon, like politics, and atheism/religion. Exercise showed up a lot, until I split that off into its own blog at its own domain.

Aha! I thought of a project for celebrating my blogiversary! I’m going to re-post one post a day from the archive for the next 30 days, representing what I think are the best writing I’ve done, or the most popular posts, or uniquely showing what I do that no other blog does.

If you have any suggestions or favorite posts, feel free to leave a comment, or otherwise let me know.

Update: Turns out Blogger counts draft posts among the total. I currently have 63 draft, unpublished posts, so my total published posts, including this one, are 1,880. I regret the error. – BrianM 7:01 PM 11/02/2008