Two great shows

Just a quick update before I have a chance to write more words on the topic:

Friday night Tracy, Gina and I had dinner, then rocked out to Harvey Danger at the Doug Fir. So good. Sean Nelson, I think I’ve now seen you live in concert more times than any other performer. Well done, sir.

Then Saturday I took the train up to Seattle to see Bad Religion fill a tiny little club with their challenging and acerbic music, to the delight of several hundred sweaty punk rock fans, including myself. So hot inside, and black as pitch. The security was spraying down the crowd with cold water. That felt good after being in the pit, moshing and laughing.

I think I’ve figured out why moshing is so exhilarating to me: I’m so bipolar when it comes to contact and touch, that being in a crowd like that, having almost no control and being pushed and pushing back, just takes me beyond my normal boundaries. And there’s a combination of the feeling of “danger, danger!” and the, yes, friendliness of the crowd. I fell once last night, and the crowd immediately made room for me, and a giant of a man reached down and pulled me to my feet almost before I knew I was down. We’re happy maniacs in there. Feels damned good.

Today I’m taking the train back. Kinda glad I brought a change of clothes – I was soaked with sweat and water last night.