It’s like they want to lose

Are Republicans just so tied up in their culture of victimization that they want to lose? They like being beaten up and made fun of, is that it? And I mean “beaten up” metaphorically, here.

I just can’t wrap my head around the idea, on top of the lousy messaging that the McCain campaign has been doing, that they just keep on making goofy amateurish mistakes. How many times has he undermined his own message?

  • “John McCain is just regular folks… and yet he’s so rich he can’t remember how many houses his former mistress trophy wife has bought for him.”
  • “John McCain is a proud Republican and has served in Congress for 25 years… so John McCain is the outsider maverick who’s going to be an agent of change.”
  • “John McCain is a reformer who’s trying to clean up Washington… by flouting the campaign finance laws he himself helped to enact.”
  • “John McCain stands for family values… which is why he had an affair with his first wife, dumped her and married his mistress.”
  • “John McCain goes his own way… which is why he selected a far-right Christian woman for vice president in order to excite the far-right Christian base the Republicans have depended on for the last several decades.”
  • “John McCain has the experience that Barack Obama doesn’t… so we’ve selected an unknown governor with less experience than Barack Obama to be our backup president.”

See? It’s like the McCain campaign wants to lose.

Which is the only way I can wrap my head around the continued, minor gaffes they make. Like showing a picture of a Hollywood middle school behind him during his speech last night. Whuuuuuh…?