A good suggestion

While I was finishing my dinner (a chicken Caesar salad) at my favorite diner, A., a cute snarky waitress with whom I chat, showed up on her bicycle, coming inside to the cool restaurant from the hot hot heat of late afternoon.

The waitress that was already on duty was surprised, and asked A. about it; she responded that she had switched shifts with another girl, and they talked about A.’s beach trip, while A. took off her bike helmet, stowed her bike out of the way, and drank copious amounts of water.

I was the only customer in the diner. I waved at A. and as she ran around getting ready for her evening shift, she chatted with me.

“It’s hot outside,” I said, truthfully if unoriginally.

“Yes, it is! It’s just too hot,” she replied. “It’s so hot that I just don’t want to wear a lot of clothes!”

I perked up at this. A. is petite yet athletic and very attractive. “I have no problem with that, at all!”

“Hey,” she said, “I just like bein’ naked. Or semi-naked.”

“It’s all good,” I smiled.