What I’ve been doing

Pretty much nothin’.

Oh, wait. I went for a walk in my neighborhood last night. I walked down to Oaks Park because I’d heard that the Rose City Rollers were having team tryouts, and I thought looking at Goth-y, tattooed chicks on roller skates and yelling at each other might be entertaining.

It wasn’t, or at least not as much as I’d hoped.

On their website, the Rose City Rollers had said that the tryouts would not be open to the public, and so I’d practiced a line that I thought I’d give if anyone challenged me; I’d tell them I was a writer, and I was preparing a story. If they’d asked what paper I wrote for, I would just tell them I’m a freelancer.

No one challenged me. And I didn’t talk to anyone or ask nosy questions, like what were they doing the night of the murder, or if they noticed a light in the upper window of the old MacNaughton mansion. I just hung around outside the big green hangar and watched them skate around and talk about the team for 20 minutes.

A friend had mentioned she might be there, too, and she’s hot, so that gave me even more incentive to be there. But it was muggy, and I was tired, and poorly dressed (jeans and t-shirt and sexy (but hot-in-a-temperature-way) hat) so even though I showed up and poked around, I ended up leaving probably too early to meet up with her. I wandered around the midway of Oaks Park for a bit, and watched kids and families having a grand time on the rides, and eat snow cones and cotton candy and drive bumper cars and get swung around in the air in various ways. I think I’ll go back later this week and just spend an hour wandering around, as long as the weather stays nice. It’s kinda fun.

After that I walked back across Oaks Bottom, or as I like to call it, “the swamp”, and up the trail into Sellwood Park, and then into Moreland, where I bought a gelato (half hazelnut chocolate, half raspberry (locally grown!)), which was delicious and also put me just under my calorie goal for the day. Then I got some groceries and grabbed a bus home.

Oh! And also, I upgraded my iPhone to the 2.0 OS. Which I’m kinda regretting, because it’s kinda buggy. The keyboard was hanging up the whole phone the past several days, getting worse and worse, which frustrated me. And it uses up the battery faster. Or maybe that’s just because I’m playing with it more; I can’t tell. Anyway, I did a restore without restoring my backup, which is the iPhone equivalent of reinstalling the OS from scratch, and it seems to be OK now. It doesn’t freeze up like it did before. But I’ll keep worrying until Apple puts out a patch.

Oh, and I’m writing movie reviews for a ‘zine that’s coming out soon. At least I’m going to submit them. We’ll see if a) they get accepted, and b) the ‘zine actually gets published. It’s all up in the air. But I have to move fast on that because the ‘zine is going to be published soon. So be mad at me if I don’t actually do something in the next couple of days, OK?

So… yeah. Not much goin’ on.