To my Congressional Representative

I sent the following to Earl Blumenauer, my representative from Oregon CD-03, regarding my previous post and my donation to educate voters about the dangerous FISA rewrite and telecom amnesty:

This is just a short note, but I wanted to mention to Congressman Blumenauer that I, along with a couple thousand others, have donated to a fund to raise money for a campaign to educate voters about House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s efforts to thwart accountability for the telecom corporations for assisting the Bush Administrations’ illegal surveillance (and thus, thwart any accountability for the Bush Administration itself).

I blogged about it, briefly, here:

More and more evidence comes out every day about the crimes of the Bush Administration. Our Congressional representatives, and especially the leadership, needs to understand that giving away our rights is not seen as a strength. Giving the Bush Administration and Republicans what they want is not “bipartisanship”, it’s weakness. Allowing crimes to go un-acknowledged is cowardice. And trying to play games by granting a “get out of jail free” card but calling it something else is a transparent power grab.

And voters notice these things.

Tell your caucus leader and Speaker Pelosi that there is more to gain by opposing White House demands, than by playing political games and giving them what they want.