In case anyone’s wondering, yes, I will likely be buying an iPhone 3G.

I mean, within minutes of the end of the keynote yesterday, I was already asking my friends and family if they wanted to buy my current iPhone. I knew I was getting one even before I knew that the 3G data plan would cost me $10 more a month, and that there were more restrictions on purchase and activation, and that the amount I could sell my old iPhone for would drop to nearly nothing. Of course I would be upgrading. Duh.

But now that the effects of the reality distortion field started to wane, I realized that I could hold off a bit. I need to find out for certain if the lower cost of the iPhone 3G was going to work the way the regular subsidies worked; in other words, is the lower price only available to new contracts, not existing customers? I’d like to see what real-world battery life was like. I’d like to see if 3G speeds were really worth it.

So I will likely wait until later this summer to make my purchase. I won’t be an early adopter just yet.

But holy fuck I am so getting one.