Holy crab

I’ve been averaging around 2400 hits per day, so when I my web stats program showed that I was ~2400 hits from 500,000 last night at midnight, I figured sometime today I should pass that magical and entirely arbitrary point.

I’m home and waiting for “The Office” to come on, so I manually ran my webalizer script early to see how close I was.

And as of 8:40 PM tonight, my site had recorded 502,527 hits since 25 August 2007.

Today’s not over and I’ve already received over 4,622 hits just today. That rocks in an entirely unimportant and yet deeply geek-y way.

There’s probably no way for me to tell when, exactly, the 500,000th hit came in so I can’t give away a prize or anything. But thanks to all y’all.

The statistic that means the most to me, personally, is the number of visits, which is more closely related to the number of actual people viewing my site, and, presumably, reading my words and looking at my pictures. My average visits per day is 483. Almost 500 people a day are paying attention to what I’ve written.

I love you all.