Re-Launching “Run, Moon!”

Check it out, y’all! I re-launched my diet and exercise blog, “Run, Moon!”

It’s been dormant for a while. A long while. A long, sad, while. And meanwhile, I’ve gained about 25 pounds and haven’t gone for a run, with the exception of the Shamrock Run 5K this month with Kevin,, in months.

I need to start over, and get back to regular exercise and mindful eating, and how. But to keep all that off my main blog, I will be doing all that on the blog specifically dedicated to it.

But for here, I just have to say that I don’t know why I was so afraid of setting up Virtual Hosts in Apache 1.3. It was a freakin’ snap and I didn’t even have to touch my DNS or router settings. Just added a couple of entries to /etc/httpd/httpd.conf, one for the main domain of and one for the new domain of I can now add new domains to my heart’s content, up to the limit of bandwidth provided by Comcast and the disk space on Eggers.

I still have several other domains I’m not currently doing anything with, which are “parked” and pointing elsewhere. As my time and inclination waxes, I’ll start doing stuff with them again.

One of those ideas is re-purposing my domain from its previous purpose (political blogging) to strip club blogging… The domain name kinda works for either one, huh?

And if and when I ever finish my novel, I’ve got a domain already purchased to host it! How rockin’ is that?

In any case, I’m happy that “Run, Moon!” is back up and running.