Don’t laugh at the warming part

It’s snowing outside.

In Portland, in late March.

Without digging into actual historical archives, this seems unusual to me, a Portland native who has lived here most of my life (brief tenures as a child in parts of Washington state, and a short less-than-a-year in Austin, TX).

I think the planet is broken.

The snow could be a result of natural variation.

Or it could be indicative of increased moisture in the atmosphere, which could be a result of increased evaporation, which would be explained by higher-than-normal temperatures somewhere else on the nearly 317,000,000 square miles of surface on the big blue marble we call home.

But, yeah, on the bus people were dismissing the concept of “global warming” because of the snow, when in fact to my mind (and others who grasp the overall picture and not the sound bite) the snow may be direct evidence of said warming.