Where there’s a will

Up, up and off with your bad self. Big bad wolf-whistle in a graveyard, no, past the mother-fuckin’ graveyard, grave stone tomb stone cold killer bees from outer space, the bee’s knees knee-cap capsule space capsule space race riots quiet riots “We’re not gonna take it!”

No, we’re not gonna take it. We’re not gonna take it, no more.

No more.

No more teachers no more rooks no bored leeches leechin’ hooks. Captain Hook Captain Crook Captain Crunch crunching his crunch berries No more!

No, more. I need more, mmmm. More is better, better off, off and on, on and on and on and on and so on and so so so damned on it’s off.

Off the clock, off the hook, how’d that mother Captain Hook crawl back, back in black, back to black, black and white, white power powerless powerlessness Loch Ness, nest nesting nesting instinct outstinct extinct extinction extraction traction tractors strange attractors strangers in the night nighttime is the fight or flight time.

Which brings us back to extinction. It stinks.

Stinks kinks kinky shit on a stick stick around!

Round the bend Bender Bending Rodriguez in the future Futuama lama ding dong.

Ding dong the rich are dead! The poor are dead, too but they can’t afford it bored it scored it down the middle class. Class action traction oh hell we’ve been here before.

Before the court full court press press on nails on rails rail against the dying of the light and the dark. Darkness is the new black and white off and on and on and up.



And away.

And a way.

Kevin, did something happen to you today to make you “beware the Ides of March”?