First, I feel guilty and stressed, just a bit, that I’m late on this post. If I had just taken five minutes to write a bit last night, I tell myself, I could have done it and not been late.

I feel a tickle in the back of my throat and there’s something running back there, and it’s seconds away from making me cough again.

Listening to two co-workers, one a close friend, the other a friendly but irritatingly-racist and short-sighted person, discuss welfare recipients is irritating, too.

Damn, all I feel this morning is negative. That’s not good. Realizing that only makes it worse.

I coughed. Stoopid cough.

I keep thinking about the stunningly beautiful Latina or Italian woman on the bus this morning and how, when she first sat next to me, I was overcome by the reek of cigarette smoke. She didn’t seem so attractive then.

Just got a text from a friend in Texas. She says it’s sunny and bright and birds are singing. So, somewhere, someone is enjoying a nice day. That’s better.

Kevin, analyze, annotate, and deconstruct a favorite song.