I remember two lives, my first small and humble
my second quite important and consequential.
It all started one day when quite on a whim
I slipped from one to another potential.

At my computer surfing the world wide web
I Googled my own name. Is that a sin?
Clicked the “I feel lucky” button
And watched as the page faded in.

First up was a headline in flashing purple
Followed by pictures of me, in my hat,
“Moon man modestly maintains Mankind”
and descriptions of my dreams, along with a cat.

The cat and I
Dreamed defenses
against invading
alien races.

This fictional Brian with his fictional feline
Appeared quite familiar and yet didn’t exist
as far as I could determine in my own memory
and all of the reasoning and logic I could enlist.

Trembling, shaking, my eyesight grew dim
and my Sellwood apartment was the last thing I saw
as I slipped into a deep and encompassing rest
Until, gently, gingerly, tenderly, my face felt a paw.

The steady green eyes of my furry friend
Watched me awaken and come to, quite alert.
And I remembered (but didn’t) the advancing armada
who could only be stopped by our minds in concert.

The cat and I
now dream defenses
against invading
alien races.

Kevin, write about truth.