March Blog-A-Day-A-Thon 2008 begins

Kevin and I are doing something special this month, as a way to challenge each other and to reinforce the habit of writing daily about many things. And, also, just because we can. There’s no better reason than that, is there?

We call it the March Blog-A-Day-A-Thon, or BADAT. The rules are as follows:

  1. We would send each other ideas for blog posts.
  2. The ideas will range from one-word concepts, to entire ideas, to actions we can take that we then must blog about.
  3. …leaning more towards the simple end, so as not to overwhelm the other person with too much to do and not enough time to write.
  4. We each send and post our ideas the day before.
  5. The other person posts their response to the idea, and then (probably in a separate post) their idea for the other.
  6. Hmmm… so, really, we’re posting two items a day – the idea, and the post.
  7. Cross-linking to each others’ blogs is part of the idea.

I’m going to tag each BADAT post with the tag “BADAT” just for organization’s sake.

Kevin’s BADAT Idea #1: Write a short story in exactly 50 words.

…and Kevin posted his response already!