Flickr is teh new hotness

After worrying about how to get a picture gallery on my server, and not getting it figured out, I decided to just use the web tools that are already out there. From now on I’ll be posting my pictures on my Flickr page. If you’re obsessively following my every internet posting, you can even get an RSS feed of my pictures so you’ll know whenever I post one or more. There’s, like, features ‘n’ stuff.

On my end I’m importing all my pictures into iPhoto and I have a plug-in that lets me upload right from within the program: FFXporter. It’s free and open-source.

When I get a chance I’ll fix my menu bar to point to my Flickr page, and then I’ll start posting Pictures of the Week again like I used to. Stay tuned for pictures ‘n’ stuff.

The bad part is that when I was importing pictures today I had tons and tons of Smacky, my cat who ran away. Sad. I hope he’s still OK, out there pouncing on delicious birds.