Fewer iPods

I finally sold my old iPod last night. I’ve been trying to sell it since before my Christmas Cancún vacation but I got nothing but flakes off of craigslist. Flakes and low-ballers. “I’ll give you $50 for it.”

Um, no. The damned thing is worth at least $150, asshat.

And the other type of craisglist buyer is the one who pesters me with endless questions and then disappears. That’s also annoying and a waste of my time.

But since selling something on craigslist is free, unlike, say, eBay, it’s worth it to persevere and hold out for a good price. Except for the fact that I really really needed the money, like, a month and a half ago. But other than that…

And guess what? (Chickenbutt!) I got $150 for a 30GB, 5th Generation white iPod video. Which is what it’s worth, if you look at closed eBay auctions for the same product.