MacWorld Expo 2008

Here are my predictions wild-ass guesses as to what Steve Jobs is going to announce at next Tuesday’s MacWorld Expo Keynote, in no particular order:

  • Multi-touch tablet Mac.
  • Better Apple TV.
  • Better Mac mini (possibly combined with the Apple TV into one new super-HTPC).
  • iTunes Store-enabled movie downloads and rentals.
  • Super-duper 3G iPhone, shipping immediately, that will make me cry and wish I’d waited until the Keynote to buy one.

The following are duh’s: Steve will wear a black mock turtleneck, jeans, and New Balance sneakers (super-duh). Sr. VP Phil Schiller will have to do something embarrassing, like use Windows Vista or bungie jump. New board member Andrea Jung will be introduced, and she’ll claim to have always been a Mac user, from way back, insincerely. Musical entertainment will be provided by Feist.

Tune in late on Tuesday to see how wrong I was!