I see a lot of movies. I can’t, now, go back and list what movies I saw in 2007 due to a hard drive failure (dammit – make sure your backups are working) but I’m going to attempt to post about every theatrical movie I see in 2008.

This past weekend I saw the Sing-Along “Grease” with Tracy and her friend Gina. It was fun and cheesy… and the costume contest beforehand had some very sexy “Slutty Sandys” which almost made the entire thing worth it. As a movie… “Grease” is not among my favorites. But as audience participation, it was a blast. I’m completely comfortable in my heterosexuality to admit that.

I also saw “Charlie Wilson’s War” which was a delight. Entertaining political comedy. Rep. Wilson sounds like the kind of politician I’d like to be: liberal, single, boozehound, womanizer. His press agent’s response to a reporter asking if he’d ever been to rehab was, “Rep. Wilson will not go to rehab because they do not serve alcohol there.” But, seriously, he was trying to do a good thing after touring the refugee camps in Pakistan. Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman both are amazing to watch, though I give the edge to Hoffman.