A Time for Friends

It’s my turn for a guest post. Even though I wasn’t assigned a day, or even a specific subject (although, you can bet your sweet ass that I asked for one), I thought I’d post on Christmas Day. Although, Christmas is almost technically over…I’m hoping to get it done before the strike of midnight.

I’m not drunk, in fact, I haven’t had a drop of alcohol today. I haven’t seen live strippers in weeks, although I have thought about it several times. And, I make sure to not talk politics unless I’m forced into it by my friends. So, what’s left to talk about as a guest writer? The only thing that I can think of that Brian is passionate about besides the three previously mentioned topics, is his passion for relationships, and especially friendships.

What exactly is it about friendships that are so important? Is it honor? Is it respect? Is it knowing that the other person will be there for you if you ever really need them? How about a touch of tenderness and compassion…or maybe more than a touch? Yes, it’s all those things. As well as integrity….that’s a biggie. How do I know this? Because these things are important to me, as well.

Brian and I have become quite close over the past several years, and we have learned to trust one another…even through the tough times. A true friendship that I hope will last forever. It is a relationship of honor, of respect, of integrity, of dependency (mostly healthy, although sometimes we both wonder, I’m sure), of tenderness, and of compassion.

Merry Christmas to all, but especially to those that we call friends.