I don’t even know

I’m so glad my work day and work week are done. It’s been a slog.

I was picked up tonight by Edgar from Enterprise, and after some small talk (sales guys are so talk-talk) and some paperwork, I was handed the keys to a 2006 Pontiac G6.

Tonight I eat a modest dinner, finish up my laundry, and pack.

Tomorrow morning I get up early, run the ORRC Turkey Trot 4 Miler up at the Oregon Zoo, then shower and change and drive to the City called “Lincoln” situated on the shore by the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean, there to meet with my family, eat massive amounts of food, bicker lovingly over the tiniest of trivia, and drink liver-damaging amounts of alcohol.

I may or may not stay all weekend. If I find myself over-eating on the day after Thanksgiving, I will come back, because I still want to be sexy and skinny on the beaches of Cancún in December. Or at least not too much un-skinny-er.

I may or may not post. I think there’s wireless down at the family beach house but I’m not 100%. I have a post ready for Saturday’s “Did You See..?” so at least, you’ll see that.

Before I head off, though, I wanted to offer my thanks for this year. I am thankful for:

  • My surprisingly healthy body;
  • my inquisitive, skeptical, and amusing brain;
  • the roof over my head and the bed in which I sleep;
  • my loyal, honest, loving friends;
  • my caring, passionate, deep-thinking and -feeling family;
  • the wonders of science and engineering that allow me to communicate with and learn about the world;
  • and strip clubs, filled with the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and passionate women.

And thanks very much to all of you out in InternetLand, who come here to read my words. I am humbled and delighted by your readership. Without it, this blog would be a lonely place, indeed.