You say it’s your birthday?

It’s my birthday, too, yeah. OK, it’s actually my blog’s fourth birthday! My birthday isn’t until December.

I’m deep in writing, so I don’t have much to say beyond “yay, me!” Later I’m going to dig up some of my favorite posts from the past four years, and maybe see if I can find other places where my posts have been linked and quoted.

Feel free to talk about how awesome my blog is in the comments. Any hate mail will be mercilessly snarked and mocked.

Seriously, though, by my count I’ve got, on average, over 400 unique visits every day. That’s awesome. I write for me, and having the eyes and ears of that many people is a humbling thought. Thanks very much to all of y’all out there reading my words. If only I could figure out how to make money doing this… Heh. Just kidding.